Shared research group resources and outputs


PULSAR (an acronym of Protein Unfolding for Ligand Stabilisation and Ranking, formerly ionMS) is specialised software for the processing and analysis of ion mobility-mass spectrometry data. PULSAR can import data directly from Waters RAW files, annotated with appropriate meta data, and enables:

  • Viewing of ion mobility mobiligrams
  • Basic deconvolution and charge state assignment for native mass spectra
  • Calculation of calibrations for travelling-wave ion mobility collision cross section (CCS) measurements
  • Automated CCS measurements of protein and small molecule ions
  • Extraction of mobiligram regions for ion mobility-based separation
  • Enhanced analysis of gas-phase hydrogen-deuterium exchange experiments
  • Generation of gas-phase protein unfolding plots
  • Comprehensive analysis and calculation of gas phase behaviour and stability of ions

PULSAR is freely available as a Windows-packaged distribution upon request to Tim.